Recruitment is a lot like fishing. You hope to catch the best.

There is a lot of technology out there to help you catch that fish. Whilst expensive equipment can of course give you an edge, nothing can guarantee you will catch the big one and often, the equipment is complicated and clunky.

As most fisherman would know, a simple rod and reel can produce wonders. It is about consistently getting your lure in the right place and you will have the greatest chance of success.

Talent Ninja is similar to a fisherman's rod and reel. It is an easy tool that can help every company to recruit the best. We aim to get your jobs in the right place to attract the right applications. Consistently.

We believe in finding great people and finding them easily. You need to have great job adverts regularly in the right place to attract talent.

This is why Talent Ninja was born.

Recruitment shouldn't cost the earth.

We have great plans to become the leader in job advertising and ensure every company has a voice and the tools available to find the best employees for their business.

p.s. We also really like fishing!